Intercity Express Bus
from Sapporo Intercity Express Bus Timetable / 從札幌出發 城市間高速巴士 時刻表

Intercity Express Bus
from Asahikawa Intercity Express Bus Timetable / 從旭川出發 城市間高速巴士 時刻表

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busroute busroute
Sapporo Area Timetable/ 時刻表
A1 - A2 Sapporo←→New Chitose Airport 札幌←→新千歲機場 Chuo-Bus
A1 - E1 Sapporo←→Otaru 札幌←→小樽 Chuo-Bus
A1 - E2 Sapporo←→Yoichi 札幌←→余市 Chuo-Bus
A1 - E3 Sapporo←→Shakotan 札幌←→積丹 Chuo-Bus
A1 - E4 Sapporo←→Iwanai 札幌←→岩內 Chuo-Bus
A1 - E5 Sapporo←→Niseko 札幌←→二世古 Chuo-Bus
A1 - G1 Sapporo←→Tomakomai 札幌←→苫小牧 Chuo-Bus
A1 - G2 Sapporo←→Noboribetsu 札幌←→登別 Chuo-Bus
A1 - G3 Sapporo←→Higashi Muroran 札幌←→室蘭 Chuo-Bus
A1 - H3 Sapporo←→Rumoi 札幌←→留萌 Chuo-Bus
A1 - C6 Sapporo←→Iwamizawa 札幌←→岩見澤 Chuo-Bus
A1 - C7 Sapporo←→Takikawa  札幌←→瀧川 Chuo-Bus
A1 - C8 Sapporo←→Yubari 札幌←→夕張 Chuo-Bus
A1 - A4 Sapporo←→Ishikari 札幌←→石狩 Chuo-Bus
A1 - A3 Sapporo←→Jozankei 札幌←→定山溪 Jotetsu Bus
A1 - E6- G4 Sapporo←→Rusutsu←→Lake Toya 札幌←→留寿都←→洞爺湖 Donan Bus 
G1 - D6 Tomakomai←→Hidaka 苫小牧←→日高 Donan Bus 
G1 - G5 Tomakomai←→Shiraoi 苫小牧←→白老 Donan Bus 
G1 - G6 Tomakomai←→Tomakomai West Port Ferry Terminal 
 Donan Bus 
H3 - H4 Rumoi←→Mashike 留萌←→増毛 Engan Bus 

Asahikawa Area Timetable/ 時刻表

定山溪地區 Timetable/ 時刻表


busroute busroute
Hakodate Area Timetable/ 時刻表
B1 - B2 Hakodate←→Hakodate Airport 函館←→函館機場 Hakodate Bus
B1 - B3 Hakodate←→Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Sta. 函館←→新函館北斗站 Hakodate Bus
B3 - B4 Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Sta.←→Onumakoen(210) 新函館北斗站←→大沼公園(210) Hakodate Bus
B1 - B5 Hakodate←→Shikabe(99A) 函館←→鹿部(99A) Hakodate Bus
B4 - B5 Onumakoen←→Shikabe(210) 大沼公園←→鹿部(210) Hakodate Bus
B1 - B6 Hakodate←→Minamikayabe branch(99A) 函館←→南茅部支所(99A) Hakodate Bus
B5 - B6 Shikabe←→Minamikayabe branch(99,223) 鹿部←→南茅部支所(99,223) Hakodate Bus
B6 - B8 Minamikayabe branch←→Todohokke(99A) 南茅部支所←→椴法華(99A) Hakodate Bus
B1 - B9 Hakodate←→Kikonai(410,411,510) 函館←→木古內(410,411,510) Hakodate Bus
B9 - B10 Kikonai←→Shiriuchi(410,411,510,521~523) 木古內 ←→知內(410,411,510,521~523) Hakodate Bus
B10 - B11 Shiriuchi←→Matsumae(510,521~523) 知內←→松前(510,521~523) Hakodate Bus
B9 - B12 Kikonai←→Kaminokuni(631,632) 木古內 ←→上之國(631,632) Hakodate Bus
B12 - B13 Kaminokuni←→Esashi(621,622) 上之國←→江差(621,622) Hakodate Bus
B1 - B13 Hakodate←→Esashi(610) 函館←→江差(610) Hakodate Bus

Higashi Muroran Area Timetable/ 時刻表

busroute Kitami,Abashiri Area busroute
Kitami,Abashiri Area Timetable/ 時刻表

Obihiro Area busroute
Obihiro Area Timetable/ 時刻表

Kushiro Area busroute
Kushiro Area Timetable/ 時刻表

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